The powerful American Indian Tea comes with quite a story.  In the early 1990's, Dr. Greene, the original manufacturer of American Indian Tea, was taught about this powerful mushroom's abilities to heal by the Northern Plateau Indians.  Bound by tribal law, we are not permitted to share the name of this powerful mushroom. Please call us if you have any specific questions.  We have many testimonials around the powerful results that this tea has provided for hundreds of clients throughout the years.  We are anxious to share them with you!

It is suggested that this tea boosts white blood cell production (neutrophils) and strengthens the major organs in the body.  It has been said to have a detoxification effect and is used as a mild blood thinner. It may provide relief to those experiencing discomfort from Crohns and Rheumatoid arthritis, MS, Diabetes, CHF and other many other serious diseases.

The Cree Native Americans used it to stop bleeding and as a powerful emetic. The Blackfeet Native Americans used it to relieve headaches.

Many have used it successfully as an anti-tumor, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, immuno-modulating, anti-pathogenic, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory and adaptogen.  

**Loose Leaf Tea - see American Indian Tea Tincture page for liquid tea Tincture.

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Customer Reviews

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Definitely Helps w/ Skin Cancer!

I started using the American Indian Tea on March 22 in combination with daily Booster Caps and the American Indian Salve. The first picture shows what the cancer looked like when I started the treatment. The second photo was taken 3 weeks later, right after the surface of the wounded area actually fell off. The third photo was taken 5 weeks after treatment started and you can definitely see a big difference in the area. I will continue to use this protocol until I am sure the cancer is completely gone.

Sandy Early
American Indian Tea is a Gift to our bodies.

I have been drinking American Indian Tea for a couple of years now, 4 days a week, every week, and have not been sick once. I am just so thankful for all the benefits that help our bodies stay well.


Recovering Nicely. My Bod says give me more every couple days. I'm glad I'm paying attention and doing it. Love this Tea!!! 👍

Eileen Weilbacher
American Indian Tea

The Indian tea really help ease away my arthritis pain. I will keep using it because it really help me a lot

Joann Fox
Hearing Dr Greene on Shortwave radio, years ago was a GodSend to lots of folks!

I was not aware that there was a website for Dr Greene's materials other wise I would have written this years ago as I am more than glad to be a promoter of this TEA!......Hearing Dr Greene on a late evening shortwave radio program close to prolly 20, I want to say, years ago and have been using and turning tons of people onto this American Indian Tea and these products ever since!

I use this tea as a preventative and maintenance program and lasts a long time....Great for prevention especially these days.
Personally have witnessed this tea take out, totally eliminating, these dis-eases from the body, including stage four cancers from all around the body, no matter who! Watched and listened as physicians thinking their 'almighty' death inducing treatments get booted aside by a natural! This tea has totally encapsulated tumors where they just pop/peel out like a nut from a shell or an pit from an avacado after a time of people consuming this; Being told...."whatever you are doing....please continue!"
Right now...a dear friend had popped up with two very progressive cancers after she took the "vaccine", which is NOT a vaccine, btw.... liver and double lung and what was in the lungs have since disappeared and what was in the liver has minimalized as of the last check!

As I have grown older and allegedly wiser I am finding that a lot of the mushrooms that grow are very beneficial to humans for lots of maladies. Just remember one thing...and this has to do with many remedies...Bitter on the tongue, SWEET in the Stomach! I believe it is pretty refreshing actually! and I too keep some on hand if anyone needs!! Getting ready to turn my insurance lady onto this American Indian Tea for her father with Lymes...who seems to get no help from the conventional system other than grief and I see several testimonies that this works for Lymes too. An interesting fact here concerning any malady that the system treats with 'antibiotics', ie Lymes; please know that this tea will NOT destroy the flora within the intestinal tracts of people and is where ones immune system lies....Good to know!

With the way the world is today with Big Pharma pushing their chemicals as 'drugs' which do nothing but hinder one's system, kill and maime....IS it now TIME to go back to the mother as it was meant to be...Mother Nature that is! Did not the Lord tell us that all flora and fauna on and of the earth shall be our medicines?? He did not instruct us to take poisons as most do today! Life is not necessarily better through chemicals/chemistry and 'mans ways'.

***and added as a side note.....Bacteria Buster is GREAT STUFF and I need to get another bottle of that as I am almost out....Works GREAT!
and I would like to try a bottle of the America Indian Tea tincture! All of the products I have used from Dr Greene have been beyond expectations! So GLAD to have been listening to Butch Paugh out of West Virginia's shortwave program when I was turned onto Dr Greene!!!!!!!! Will ever be Grateful...and know...others are also!