The powerful American Indian Tea comes with quite a story.  In the early 1990's, Dr. Greene, the original manufacturer of American Indian Tea, was taught about this powerful mushroom's abilities to heal by the Northern Plateau Indians.  Bound by tribal law, we are not permitted to share the name of this powerful mushroom. Please call us if you have any specific questions.  We have many testimonials around the powerful results that this tea has provided for hundreds of clients throughout the years.  We are anxious to share them with you!

It is suggested that this tea boosts white blood cell production (neutrophils) and strengthens the major organs in the body.  It has been said to have a detoxification effect and is used as a mild blood thinner. It may provide relief to those experiencing discomfort from Crohns and Rheumatoid arthritis, MS, Diabetes, CHF and other many other serious diseases.

The Cree Native Americans used it to stop bleeding and as a powerful emetic. The Blackfeet Native Americans used it to relieve headaches.

Many have used it successfully as an anti-tumor, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, immuno-modulating, anti-pathogenic, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory and adaptogen.  

**Loose Leaf Tea - see American Indian Tea Tincture page for liquid tea Tincture.

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Customer Reviews

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Works great for mastitis.

A Godsend

This tea is amazing. I have seen it cure cancer in a friend who went from grey to creamy white skin tone after about 6 weeks of using the tea, and getting back a PET scan saying "no cancer" after about 6 months. And I personally took it for Lyme disease with excellent results. While normal antibiotics give the spirocheates a chance to go into hiding, the four days on / three days off protocol of this tea got the little buggers. We also keep some of this on hand "just in case."


The tea has cured sickness throughout my family. Kids colds to more serious infections like Covid all are helped by the tea. I knew I had to try it when a friend said they had stage 4 stomach cancer - tried kemo 1 time but got too sick and stopped. Instead they tried drinking the tea. They said the cancer has disappeared! Thank God for making this amazing cure and thank you superior mountain and Summer for bringing us this tea. Our lives will be significantly improved because of it.

Sally Ann Tirey
American Indian Tea

I have only been using it for a week. It took a while to get used to it, but things seem to be much better now. I add honey and lemon to mine and drink it hot. Feeling much better and am getting more energy every day. I would definitely recommend American Indian Tea.

Rosalind Maddox
I've been using the American Indian Tea for years...

...and it does not disappoint. I've used it for colds, congestion, when I feel like I am getting the flu, etc. Some specific testimonies I have with the tea is that it stopped Strep Throat and C-difficile from progressing.
My young granddaughter had strep throat and got tested on a Friday. The doctor felt like she had strep throat but would not give her antibiotics until the test came back the following week. So, she was going to have to suffer the whole weekend until the test results came back. So that evening, I decided to brew her some American Indian Tea, and got her to drink a 8 oz glass of it. By the next day she was feeling better. On Monday, the doctor called to say that her test was positive for Strep and they wanted to start her on antibiotics. We filled the antibiotics, but never had to give it to her, because by Monday the Strep was gone and she was back to herself again, thanks to the tea.
My brother in law had been battling a case of C-difficile that even Vancomycin was having a hard time defeating. After one week of diarrhea and dehydration, he decided to go to the doctor who put him on a 10 day course of Vancomycin. He got better after the Vancomycin, but a week or so later he relapsed with a worse condition than he had before. So he contacted the doctor and got back on the Vancomycin, but this time he added the American Indian Tea. After just a day or two of taking the tea, he got better and the C-difficile has not returned again.
American Indian Tea has been a staple in my house for years and I would not want to be without it.